TBK Import and Export PLC is an Ethiopia based company that has an exclusive right to distribute the world’s leading fuel saving technology, Greentech, to the whole of Africa except Egypt and Greentech Africa is our trading name specifically for this ground breaking fuel saving device.

Greentech Africa products are manufactured by the Moletech group, one of the leading nanotechnologies & biotechnology application company and respected global supplier of innovative chemicals since 2009. Greentech Africa device could save your fuel consumption by up to 30% by removing the carbon deposit and changing the aggregation of fuel molecules, your engine will burn fuel more completely, restore lost fuel economy, and get every last ounce of power from each drop of fuel. In addition, our groundbreaking device reduces the exhaust emission from motor vehicles by up to 80%. Hence our device not only saves fuel but also help us overcome the side effects of traditional chemicals and brings an easier, cleaner, and healthier experience for our customers and save our one-and-only precious earth by reducing the air pollution and water pollution at the same time


The Greentech Fuel Saving Device applies world leading ‘Molecule Enhancing Technology’ to your vehicle. The breakthrough technology has been tested for over 3 years on more than thousands of vehicles and carries numerous reports by TUV Rheinland Group, SGS, and California CEE, an EPA & CARB certified lab in the United States. Greentech Fuel Saving Devices can be fitted into all kinds of the vehicle with no need to modify the vehicle and will not affect the vehicle warranty.

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